CT Face Mask

$44.90 NZD

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Reusable Face Mask (R), produced respecting Article 16, Section 2, Legislative Decree 17 March 2020, n. 18. This product is for the exclusive use of the collectivity. N.B. sanitize with alcohol-based spray after each wash. Non-surgical mask made of 100% cotton with the following feature: foldable, easy to store, washable up to 50° - up to 20 cycles (no spin cycle) or dry cleaning, Equipped with elastic laces, it adapts to the nasal septum and the face outline, enhancing attire and comfort. It presents good air permeability, keeping its characteristics unaltered even after numerous uses. Water-repellent grade/Drop shape 7 (AATCC 193:2012) Air Permeability L/min 46.7 (UNI EN ISO 9237:1997)