All-In Shock Absorbing Pad

$475.00 NZD

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The All-In shock absorbing pad provides maximum comfort for the horse while allowing for adjustments to be made to enhance the balance of mixed and jumping saddles.

The flexibility provided by the combination of cork with the GT 3D weave absorbs a significant amount of the vertical pressure. At the same time, the two-layer construction of the GT 3D weave supports the horse’s movements and encourages locomotion while ensuring the saddle is stable on the horse’s back.

The leather insert at wither-level with Velcro straps avoids pressure on this particularly sensitive area, while allowing it to be adjusted to the horse’s morphology.

5mm felt shims are supplied with the All-In shock absorbing pad to adjust the balance of the saddle if necessary. The shaped shims can be adapted to each fitting area to ensure customisable adjustments.

Ideal for sensitive horses, this pad helps to protect their backs and can prevent certain back problems.