New English Double Noseband Bridle - Brown

$500.00 NZD

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This stunning Dy’on English Leather Bridle comes complete with a brand new design of anatomic headpiece and a double noseband. The re-designed anatomic headpiece is shaped even further away from the ears and so releases the pressure in this sensitive area. It is also even more padded than before. The headpiece includes the noseband as well as the cheek pieces and is padded with 2mm of neoprene for the comfort of your horse. The noseband is therefore fastened to the headpiece with a buckle on each side. The bridle has a double noseband, which is a cross between a cavesson and a drop noseband. They have proved very successful with strong pulling horses. Both the browband and the noseband are square raised and padded. Stainless steel buckles and a stainless steel pin on the left hand side of the browband along with stitching that matches the colour of the leather complete the look of this very stylish bridle.