Safe Riding S2 Stirrups - Chrome

$780.00 NZD

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The new stirrup, like the S1 Safety First, stems from the founders’ horse breeding expertise and their passion for riding. As with the S1, the aim of the new S2 is to ensure Amazons worldwide – be they professional athletes or simple enthusiasts – a safe, comfortable and elegant ride.

The S2 Safety First stirrup has been launched in Silver Chrome, and will later be available in two more shades. Boasting many features of the S1, the S2 also introduces some new and unique elements, purposely designed for the female horse riding world. Slightly smaller and lighter than the S1, the new S2 adapts perfectly to the boot, whilst ensuring the safety underpinning all Safe Riding products.

The frame opens in every direction, allowing the immediate release of the riders’ foot in the event of a fall, before returning into position by means of an innovative mechanism first implemented in the S1.

Comfort is guaranteed by the cushioned tread, which comes with an innovative grip ensuring shock absorption and a feeling of utmost safety in all riding conditions, also during a show. As with the S1, the new S2 Safety First has also been designed with a 45° curvature, to ensure greater comfort for the horse and optimal posture for the rider.

An essential yet refined design and extensive cover customisation make the new S2 Safety First stirrup the ideal solution for female riders with a keen eye for aesthetic as well as technical aspects. Full compatibility with the S1 covers offers a vast range of customisation possibilities.

Different covers are available:
• Contemporary, for an attractive play on colour;
• Premium, for meticulous attention to detail;
• Luxury, for a truly unique style;

“Safe Riding’s ambassadors include numerous Amazons,” says Vanessa Barea, General Manager of
Safe Riding. “That’s why we decided to develop stirrups designed to meet their specific needs, while
remaining true to Safe Riding’s mission of ensuring utmost rider safety. The new stirrups can be viewed
and booked at the Safe Riding stand at Fieracavalli Verona. Deliveries will take place this winter.”

Safe Riding
Safe Riding stems from the founders’ horse breeding expertise and their passion for riding. This all-Italian company sets out to ensure riders worldwide a safe, comfortable and elegant ride.

In 2016, Safe Riding launched its first solution, the S1 Safety First stirrup, conceived and designed by riders for riders. This innovative system, designed entirely in Italy, combines safety, comfort, elegance and countless customisation possibilities.

Please note that these stirrups include a black cover (not silver as pictured). You can purchase different coloured covers separately.